Golf Classes for Youth | Fanshawe Golf School

Golf Classes for Youth | Fanshawe Golf School

Are you looking for a fun, engaging, and educational activity for your children in London, Ontario? Look no further than our youth golf lessons, designed to cater to kids of all skill levels, from beginners to those already familiar with the sport. Our program offers a unique opportunity for children aged 4 to 16 to learn and play golf year-round.

When and Where?
Our lessons take place on Saturday mornings at 11 am, offering a perfect weekend activity for your children. We host these sessions at two fantastic locations: the scenic Crumlin Creek Golf Club and the vibrant Downtown YMCA in London, Ontario.

What's Special About Our Lessons?
- Limited Size for Personal Attention: Each lesson accommodates only 30 kids, ensuring personalized attention and a better learning experience.
- Diverse Activities: Beyond golf techniques, our lessons include fun games and essential life lessons about safety, rules, etiquette, responsibility, honesty, and respect.

Who Can Join?
- Age Group: Our program is open to children aged 4 to 16 years.
- Skill Levels: We welcome everyone, from complete beginners to those who have already taken a swing at golf.

Lesson Highlights
- Expert Coaches: Our coaches are not only professionally certified but also incredibly friendly, making learning golf a delightful experience.
- Comprehensive Learning: From the basics of holding a club and swinging to advanced techniques in putting, chipping, and driving, we cover it all.
- Safety First: With a coach to camper ratio of 5-1 and each coach being first aid certified, safety is a top priority.

What We Provide
- Equipment: Don't worry if you don't have golf clubs; we provide all necessary equipment, including clubs for all sizes, balls, bags, tees, and engaging games.
- What to Bring: Just come in comfortable athletic clothes, shoes that cover your toes, a hat, sunglasses, and indoor shoes.

Learning Outcomes
- Golf Skills: Learn the nuances of chipping, putting, and driving the golf ball.
- Life Skills: Understand the importance of safety, etiquette, and rules in golf and life.

Our program is more than just golf lessons; it's an experience that teaches sportsmanship, discipline, and skills for life. To see more about our program click HERE

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