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The Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA) stands as Canada's premier junior golf development program, dedicated to nurturing the country's youth in both skill and character. With a motto of "Developing our youth today for tomorrow," the CJGA is more than just a sports organization; it's a foundation for future leaders.

Programs and Tournaments

Catering to a wide age range, the CJGA offers various programs:

- Linkster Tours: For ages 4-14, focusing on introducing golf to younger players.
- Junior Tour: Targeted at ages 10-18, this tour helps in honing skills for more serious competition.
- Amateur Tour: Designed for ages 19-24, bridging the gap between junior and professional golf.

The association also hosts international events, providing a global platform for young golfers.

Values and Skills

At its core, the CJGA is committed to instilling values and skills that extend beyond the golf course:

- Social Skills: Encouraging interactions and building networks.
- Self-Discipline: Fostering a sense of responsibility and commitment.
- Respect and Conduct: Teaching the importance of etiquette and sportsmanship.
- Integrity and Maturity: Cultivating honesty and personal growth.

Accessibility and Reach

The CJGA operates across various Canadian regions, including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes. This wide reach ensures accessibility to a diverse range of young golfers.

A Not-for-Profit Leader

As a registered Canadian amateur athletic association (RCAAA), the CJGA is a not-for-profit entity, focusing solely on the development of junior golfers.

Contact and Participation

For those interested in joining or learning more, the CJGA's contact details are readily available. They encourage potential participants and supporters to reach out and be part of this vibrant community.


The Canadian Junior Golf Association is more than just a golf organization; it's a nurturing ground for Canada's future, both in golf and in life. With its comprehensive programs, commitment to core values, and nationwide reach, the CJGA is truly shaping "Your Future Starts Here."
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