• Golf Instructor in London, Ontario Joe Barnes

    Joe Barnes

    Joe is the Head Golf instructor at Fanshawe Golf School. Joe was Voted London's Best Golf Instructor by Best of London Golf Awards 2022/2023! His background in golf, golf writing, and golf instruction spans over 30 years. Joe directs the day to day activities of Fanshawe Golf School and is also the head golf instructor. Joe handles the administration and accounting duties as well as the teaching of coaches, kids, and adults. Joe is a certified FGS golf coach, a certified Fit Bodies Golf Coach, and a PGA Community Golf Coach. He is also certified by the National Coaching Certification Program and is a fully certified US Kids Golf instructor and golf coach. In addition, Joe is a certified PCA (Positive Coaching Alliance ), Double-Goal Coach. Joe is involved in the teaching and arranging of all golf classes, summer camps, and golf lessons including the private lessons conducted by Fanshawe Golf School.

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  • Golf Instructor in London, Ontario Jaden Barnes

    Jaden Barnes

    Jaden Barnes is a highly accomplished golf instructor with over 7 years of golf instruction experience. Currently serving as a head golf coach at Fanshawe golf school. Jaden has earned a reputation as an exceptional golf instructor with a keen eye for detail and a passion for helping golfers of all ages and skill levels learn golf. Jaden holds a range of certifications that reflect his commitment to golf instruction and player development. He is a FGS Certified Golf Coach, U.S. Kids Golf Certified Coach, PCA Certification Coach, PGA Certified Community Golf Coach, NCCA Certified Golf Coach, and First Tee Community's Golf Coach. Jaden is skilled in teaching all ages and skill levels, and his presence at all of the golf summer camps and golf lessons is a testament to his dedication to the sport. He offers private golf lessons as well, and his coaching style is patient, supportive, and focused on helping his students learn golf.

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  • Golf Instructor in London, Ontario Sue Barnes

    Sue Barnes

    Sue is a certified golf instructor and has been recognized on countless occasions as one of Canada’s leading non-profit leaders and fund-raisers for many years. Her dedication to assisting others less fortunate is extraordinary. She is the founder and co-founder of many non-profit organizations, among them the London International Children’s Festival and Gus Macker Basketball. Sue is also a golf instructor at Fanshawe Golf School and teaches our customer service section. Sue is a fully certified FGS golf coach specializing in the delivery of our curriculum to the younger children at our golf classes and summer camps. In addition Sue is a fully certified U.S. Kids Golf coach and a Positive Coaching Alliance Certified Double Goal coach. Responsibilities include Sue’s experience with organization, registrations, summer camps and group facilitation.

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