Golf Tournaments in London, Ontario | Fanshawe Golf School

Golf Tournaments in London, Ontario | Fanshawe Golf School

For junior golfers in Canada, the opportunity to compete and hone their skills is abundant, thanks to organizations like the Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA), U.S. Kids Golf, Tyson Golf Tour Ontario, and the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour. With over 100 tournaments spread across the country, selecting the right events to participate in can seem overwhelming. In this guide, we'll explore the various options available, providing insights into what each has to offer.

Canadian Junior Golf Association (CJGA)

The CJGA hosts a plethora of tournaments tailored for junior golfers aged 5-24. These events provide a platform for young golfers to compete in age-appropriate competitions without the need for extensive travel. With a diverse range of tournaments, the CJGA caters to golfers of all skill levels, from beginners to elite players.

U.S. Kids Golf and Tyson Golf Tour Ontario

U.S. Kids Golf and the Tyson Golf Tour Ontario focus on providing young golfers, aged 5 to 18, with opportunities to develop their skills in a competitive environment. These tournaments are structured to accommodate various age groups, ensuring fair and challenging competition for all participants. Entries are typically open to members of the respective tours, with limited slots available for each age group.

Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour

Originating in British Columbia in 1999, the Maple Leaf Junior Golf Tour has expanded its reach to include provinces across Western Canada and the Maritimes. This tour offers junior golfers the chance to compete in high-quality tournaments while gaining valuable experience and exposure. With events held in multiple provinces, the MLJGT provides accessibility to aspiring golfers from diverse regions.

In conclusion, Canada boasts a vibrant junior golf scene, with numerous tournaments catering to young golfers' needs. Whether you're looking to compete at the national level with organizations like the CJGA and MLJGT or seeking a local venue for group outings and events, there are plenty of options to explore. By leveraging these resources, junior golfers can enhance their skills, forge lasting connections, and enjoy the thrill of competition on the green.
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