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Lessons for Golf London, Ontario | Private Golf Lessons at Fanshawe Golf School

Why Our London-Based Private Lessons Stand Out

Tailored to Your Needs in London's Golf Scene
Each lesson is customized to fit the unique needs of golfers in London, Ontario. Whether you're prepping for a tournament at a local club or just starting out, our coaches provide targeted insights and techniques relevant to London's golf courses.

Flexible Scheduling for London Golfers
We understand the busy lifestyle of our London community. That's why we offer flexible scheduling to fit your life in London, Ontario, ensuring you can balance your passion for golf with your daily commitments.

Local Expert Coaches
Our coaching team, deeply rooted in the London, Ontario golf community, brings a wealth of local golfing knowledge. They're not just instructors; they're part of London's vibrant golf scene, offering insights that resonate with local golf enthusiasts.

A Glimpse into Our Private Golf Lessons

Skill Assessment Tailored to London's Courses
We begin with an assessment that considers the unique challenges of London's golf courses. This local focus ensures that the skills you learn are practical and applicable to the courses you love.

Customized Training Plan for London Golfers
Your training plan will be crafted with London's diverse golf landscapes in mind. Whether it's tackling the winds at Thames Valley or mastering the greens at Sunningdale, we've got you covered.

Localized Instruction
Experience hands-on learning with a local twist. Our lessons incorporate elements specific to London, Ontario's golfing conditions, preparing you for both casual rounds and competitive play in the city.

Safety First in London's Golf Community
Rest assured, safety is our top priority. Our London-based coaches are not only CPR and AED certified but also familiar with the specific safety protocols of local courses.

Join London, Ontario's Golf Community

Embrace the spirit of London's golf community with Fanshawe Golf School. It's not just about improving your swing; it's about becoming an integral part of London's thriving golf culture.

Pricing and Packages for London Golfers

Choose from various packages designed for London's golfers. Starting at $49.99 CAD, our lessons are an investment in your golfing journey in London, Ontario.


Elevate your golf game with Fanshawe Golf School's private lessons, tailored for the London, Ontario golfer. Embrace the local golf culture and see the difference in your game. Book your golf lesson HERE and join London's community of golf enthusiasts!

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