London Down Syndrome Association | Fanshawe Golf School

London Down Syndrome Association | Fanshawe Golf School

The London Down Syndrome Association (LDSA) is a beacon of hope and support for families living with Down Syndrome in London, Ontario, and surrounding areas. Established in 1983, this volunteer-run charity is dedicated to enriching and supporting the lives of children, youth, adults, and their families affected by Down Syndrome.

What LDSA Does

LDSA's mission is to provide responsive and compassionate support services, including:

- Financial Assistance: Offering aid to families in need.
- Support Programs & Services: Providing various programs that cater to the needs of individuals with Down Syndrome.
- Community Collaborations: Working together with other organizations to enhance support.
- Educational Opportunities: Offering learning resources and opportunities for development.
- Social Opportunities: Creating spaces for social interaction and community building.
- Public Awareness and Advocacy: Raising awareness about Down Syndrome and advocating for the rights and needs of those affected.

Programs and Events

LDSA organizes a range of programs and events, such as Jazzercise and Drum Fit sessions, and unique opportunities like Indoor Golf with Fanshawe Golf Coaches. These activities are designed to be inclusive, promoting physical health and social interaction.

Getting Involved

The support of individuals and community partners is crucial to LDSA's mission. There are several ways to get involved:

- Financial Contributions: Donations are vital for the continuation of LDSA's services.
- Volunteering: Volunteers are the heart of LDSA, playing a key role in all their initiatives.
- Fundraising: Efforts to raise funds are essential to support individuals with Down Syndrome.

Stories and Updates

LDSA's website features a blog with announcements, stories, and updates, providing insights into the lives touched by their work and the ongoing efforts of the association.


The London Down Syndrome Association is more than just a charity; it's a community of compassion and support. Through its various programs, events, and advocacy, LDSA is making a significant difference in the lives of those with Down Syndrome and their families, fostering a more inclusive and supportive society.
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