U.S. Kids Golf | Fanshawe Golf School

U.S. Kids Golf | Fanshawe Golf School

U.S. Kids Golf stands as a beacon in the world of junior golf, dedicated to helping young players enjoy and learn the game of golf while fostering family interactions that create lasting memories. Their mission is not just about teaching golf but about making it a fun, family-oriented activity.

Products and Services

U.S. Kids Golf offers a range of products and services tailored to young golfers of various skill levels:

- Yard Club: An ideal training club for entry-level players, making the initial steps in golf fun and easy.
- Ultralight: These clubs are designed for beginning to intermediate players, offering a balance between performance and ease of use.
- Tour Series 5: Aimed at intermediate to advanced players, these clubs are for those taking their game to the next level.
- epTOUR: Elite design for the most skilled young players, providing top-tier equipment for competitive play.

Tournaments and Coaching

U.S. Kids Golf is renowned for hosting numerous local and international junior golf tournaments, providing a platform for young talents to showcase their skills. They also emphasize coaching, with a network of trained professionals dedicated to teaching golf to kids in a fun and engaging way. Our golf coaches at Fanshawe Golf School are proudly certified US Kids Golf Instructors.

Innovative Club Fitting

Understanding the importance of proper equipment for young golfers, U.S. Kids Golf offers an innovative club fitting system. This system ensures that clubs are matched to a player's height and skill level, maximizing comfort and performance. Parents can easily find the right clubs for their children by selecting the player's height and hand preference, ensuring a perfect fit.

Encouraging Family Interaction

At the heart of U.S. Kids Golf's philosophy is the belief in golf as a medium for family bonding. They encourage parents to be involved in their children's golf journey, creating shared experiences and memories. This approach not only enhances the learning experience but also strengthens family relationships.

Supporting Junior Golf Development

U.S. Kids Golf is more than just a provider of junior golf equipment; they are a key player in the development of the sport at the grassroots level. Their commitment to making golf accessible and enjoyable for kids helps cultivate a new generation of golfers who will carry the sport forward.


U.S. Kids Golf is a pivotal organization in the world of junior golf, offering a comprehensive approach that includes quality equipment, professional coaching, and a focus on family interaction. Their dedication to the sport and its young players is creating a vibrant future for golf, one child at a time.
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