YMCA | Fanshawe Golf School

YMCA | Fanshawe Golf School

Located at 382 Waterloo Street in London, the Centre Branch YMCA is not just a fitness centre; it's a vibrant community hub dedicated to supporting healthy kids, families, and communities. As part of the YMCA of Southwestern Ontario, this branch stands out for its commitment to helping people grow strong in body, mind, and spirit.

Programs and Services at Centre Branch YMCA

- YThrive: This evolutionary fitness coaching program is free for Y Everything members and offers a new routine every 90 days to improve health and physical performance.
- Day Camp: Extending the Y Summer

Camp experience throughout the year, the Centre Branch YMCA offers full-day camps that provide a taste of camp during the school year, fostering fun and learning.
- Virtual YMCA: Understanding the need for flexibility, the branch provides online fitness resources and services, including virtual personal training and workout videos for all fitness levels.

Branch Amenities

The Centre Branch YMCA is equipped with a range of facilities to cater to diverse needs:

- Strength/Cardio Equipment: For a comprehensive workout experience.
- Personal Training: Tailored fitness guidance from qualified trainers.
- Change Rooms: Comfortable and convenient facilities.
- Community Health Programs: Promoting overall well-being.
- Indoor Pool and Hot Tub: For swimming and relaxation.
- Group Exercise Classes: A variety of classes to suit different fitness levels.
- Gymnasium and

Squash Courts: Spaces for sports and physical activities.
- Treehouse: A unique feature for family-friendly fun.
- Day Camp: Engaging activities for children during school breaks.

Building a Stronger Community

The Centre Branch YMCA goes beyond physical fitness, focusing on building a stronger, more connected community. It's a place where families come together, individuals achieve their health goals, and a happier, healthier lifestyle is promoted.
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