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Fanshawe Golf School

Junior Golf Summer Camp

Junior Golf Summer Camp

Fanshawe Golf Schools Junior Golf Summer Camps offer a fun and active way to learn about the game of golf as well as way to learn real life lessons and build friendships and memories that can last a lifetime! Fanshawe Golf Schools Junior Golf Summer Camps offer week-long camp programs from July to August all held at Crumlin Creek Golf Course here in London Ontario. With both full and half day options, and before and after care for convenience! We accept all Junior golfers ages 4-16 no matter the skill level or ability!


What do our camps include?

  • Personal Golf clubs are recommended but provided if needed.
  • Instruction of GASP(Grip, Alignment, Stance, Posture).
  • Instruction on Putting, Chipping, and Driving the golf ball.
  • Instruction and explanation of the game of golf, golf course, terms and rules of the game of golf.
  • Training tools and equipment needed for proper instruction.
  • Daily exercises and fun activities that emphasize important Life skills like Respect, Cooperation, Teamwork, Honesty, Self-Confidence, and Integrity.
  • Shelter and seating in order to provide golfers with a place to eat, rest, and stay out of the sun/rain.
  • Water cooler to fill any water bottles throughout the day.

What do our camps not include?

  • Healthy nutritional lunch and refillable water bottle to fuel your Junior Golfer for the day.
  • Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreen to protect your Junior golfer from the sun.
  • Appropriate clothing and an extra set of clothes in the case of any accidents.
  • A pair of closed toe shoes that are optimal to be in all day long.

What does a day at camp look like?

A day at your junior golf summer camp starts with a briefing on rules, terms, safety concerns, and the schedule for the day. Campers are then divided into groups based on age and rotate through stations for putting, chipping, and driving. Coaches instruct the kids on the rules and safety measures at each station before the kids play games and practice their skills for about an hour. Half-day campers play the golf course around 11 am while full-day campers continue with their morning rotation until lunch at 12 pm. Half-day campers go home after lunch, while full-day campers continue in their groups on the golf course until 2:45 pm, after which they are ready for pick up at 3 pm. Breaks are taken as needed depending on the weather and the needs of the campers.

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