Coaching Certification Program

The FGS certification program includes attaining your level A CPR and AED certification, passing a police background check with vulnerable sector check, and finally passing our FGS coach training program. Upon being accepted into our coaching program and completing all of the steps listed above, we also require you to attain a variety of certifications with the PGA, PCA, U.S. Kids Golf.

Why Become a Coach

Becoming a golf coach at FGS can offer a range of benefits both personally and professionally. As a coach, you'll have the opportunity to share your passion for golf and help others improve their game, which can be incredibly rewarding. As you work with different players, you'll also develop your own special coaching style and gain valuable real life experience that you can use to grow your career inside and outside the golf world. Overall, becoming a golf coach can be a fulfilling and enjoyable career choice for anyone who loves the sport and wants to make a difference in the lives of others.